2018 Kansas QSO Party Mobile Routes

Updated 25 August 2018 5:30 am

Please submit your routes on the KSQP web site and email them to W0BH.
Check out the following three maps when planning your route.

2018 KSQP map by mode       2018 KSQP map by day      2018 Rare counties map
2018 1x1 Operators     2018 KSQP Activated Counties

KSQP Spotter Page

We have a new county activation form under the Activate a County menu item on the KSQP web site. You can also email your route to kansas150 at hotmail dot com. Include your operating mode(s) SSB CW DIG (FT8), KSQP operating category, and a list of your counties in the order you plan to visit them. Break your list down into Saturday and/or Sunday. Update me with changes as they occur.

Thanks in advance to all the mobiles, portables and fixed stations for making this happen!

73, Bob, w0bh

The following mobiles and portables are planning to operate in the 2018 KSQP. Click the link to see a map. Stations in more than one county have additional route information below.

    Mobile Routes
  1. N0T/m - K5DB Don - CW/SSB
  2. N0W/m - N0AC Bill - CW
  3. N0E/m - KB0LF Fred - CW/SSB
  4. N0R/m - N5NA Alan - CW
  5. K0O/m - WY0A Butch - SSB
  6. W0O/m - W0ZQ John - CW
  7. N0D/m - WB9QAF Paul and KE0MVM Denise - CW/SSB
  8. N0K/m - K0HNC Charles - CW/SSB
  9. N0U/m - NU0Q Bill - CW
  10. K0I/m - KI0I Mark - CW/SSB
  11. W0R/m - W0SO Gary and N0YL Stephanie - CW/SSB/DIG
  12. K0P/m - K0RU Rob and N0EI John - CW/SSB
  13. K0A/m - K5CM Connie and N5KW Pam - CW/SSB
  14. W0B/m - W0BH Bob - CW/SSB
  15. N0Q/m - N0QD Aaron - CW/SSB (running with W0B/m on Sun)
  16. N0A/m - AD0DX Ron - CW/SSB
    Portable Routes
  1. W0T/p - KD0WAU Barb and KD0WAT Wayne - CW/SSB/DIG
  2. N0Y/p - NR0W Chuck - SSB
  3. W0C/p - AE0TT Vern - SSB/DIG (FT8)
  4. N0B/p - NJ0P Rick - CW/SSB
  5. N0M/p - K0WDO Will - SSB/DIG (FT8)
  6. W0M/p - WD0EUF Stan - SSB
  7. K0T/p - KD0IRW Tanner - SSB/DIG
  8. K0ASA/p - K0THN Charlie and K0NK Jim - SSB/DIG
  9. N0J/p - W0CCJ Pete - SSB

    No Pending Mobile or Portable Routes

Mobile and portable routes are listed in the order they are received

N0T/m (k5db - Don) (39.5)

Operating "Mobile Unassisted" CW and SSB from 27 counties

Cherokee/Crawford, Labette/Neosho, Montgomery/Wilson, Allen/Anderson/Coffey/Woodson, Chase/Lyon, Dickinson/Marion/Morris, Clay/Geary/Riley.

Pottawatomie, Shawnee/Wabaunsee, Douglas/Franklin/Johnson/Miami, Bourbon/Linn.

Great fun last year. Let's make this one even better!

73, Don/k5db

N0W/m (n0ac - Bill) (38.0)

Operating "Mobile Single-Op CW Only" from 31 counties

Cheyenne, Rawlins, Decatur, Norton, Phillips, Smith, Jewell, Republic, Washington, Marshall, Nemaha, Brown, Jackson, Shawnee, Osage, Lyon, Chase, Butler, Sedgwick.

SED (again), Kingman, Pratt, Kiowa, Ford, Gray, Haskell, Grant, Stanton, Hamilton, Greeley, Wallace, Sherman, CHY (again).

Slightly different route from last year. Looking forward to working you all!

73, Bill/n0ac

N0E/m (kb0lf - Fred) (Sat only) (34.5)

Operating "Mobile Unassisted" CW and SSB from 16 counties

morning: Cloud/Mitchell, Osborne/Rooks, afternoon: Graham/Sheridan,Thomas/Sherman, Cheyenne/Rawlins, Decatur/Norton, evening: Phillips/Smith


I will be on 20m and 40m, mostly CW but some phone on 20m.

73, Fred/kb0lf

W0C/p (ae0tt - Vern)

Operating "Portable SSB/FT8" from 2 counties

Saturday and Sunday
Coffey, Lyon

I'll be portable from both Coffey and Lyon counties on both days in the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge. Listen for me on SSB with FT8 in between. Looking forward to my first time in the Kansas QSO Party!

73, Vern/ae0tt

N0R/m (n5na - Alan) (39.0)

Operating "Mobile Single-Op CW" from 32 counties

Stevens, Morton, Stanton, Grant, Kearny, Finney, Scott, Wichita, Logan, Thomas, Sheridan, Gove, Lane, Ness, Trego, Graham, Rooks, Osborne, Russell, Ellis.

Rush, Barton, Stafford, Pawnee, Edwards, Ford, Hodgeman, Finney (again), Gray, Ford (again), Clark, Meade, Seward, Haskell.

For more information including a route map, go to the following web site : http://ksqp2018.n5na.net. Looking forward to working you all!

73, Alan/n5na

K0O/m (wy0a - Butch)

Operating "Mobile SSB-Only" from 35 counties

Sedgwick, Sumner, Harper, Barber, Comanche, Clark, Meade, Seward, Stevens, Morton, Stanton, Hamilton, Greeley, Wichita, Scott, Finney, Kearny, Grant, Haskell, Gray, Ford, Kiowa, Pratt, Kingman.

Butler, Cowley, Elk, Chautauqua, Montgomery, Labette, Cherokee, Crawford, Neosho, Wilson, Greenwood, Butler (again).

Please check out the K0O web-page on QRZ.com for any last minute updates.

73, Butch/wy0a

W0O/m (w0zq - Jon) (35.5)

Operating "Mobile Single-Op CW-Only" from 22 counties

Johnson, Douglas, Miami, Franklin, Anderson, Coffey, Osage, Lyon, Chase, Marion, Dickinson, Morris, Geary.

Riley, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Nemaha, Jackson, Brown, Atchison, Doniphan.

I will be posting details on QRZ.com under call W0O.

73, Jon/w0zq

N0D/m (wb9qaf/Paul and ke0mvm/Denise) (40.5)

Operating "Mobile Multi-Op" CW and SSB from 24 counties

Jewell/Mitchell, Lincoln/Ellsworth, Rice/Reno, Kingman/Harper, Sumner/Sedgwick, Harvey/McPherson, Saline/Ottawa, Cloud/Republic.

Washington/Marshall, Nemaha/Brown, Jackson/Jefferson, Atchison/Doniphan.

Looking forward to our first KSQP mobile run as we come down from Nebraska! Here are Google map links to our route:
Saturday | Sunday

73, Paul/wb9qaf and Denise/ke0mvm

N0K/m (k0hnc - Charles) (36.0)

Operating "Mobile Unassisted" CW and SSB from 22 counties

McPherson/Saline, Ellsworth/Rice, Russell/Barton, Ellis/Rush, Trego/Ness, Gove/Lane, Logan/Scott.

Decatur/Sheridan, Norton/Graham, Phillips/Rooks, Smith/Osborne.

Will probably start on 20CW then SSB then 40CW then SSB if time and conditions permit.

73, Charles/k0hnc

N0U/m (nu0q - Bill) (38.5)

Operating "Mobile Single-Op" CW from 20 counties

Thomas, Gove, Trego, Ellis, Russell, Ellsworth, Rice, Barton, Stafford, Pawnee, Edwards, Ford.

Ford, Kiowa, Comanche, Barber, Harper, Sumner, Cowley, Butler, Sedgwick.

Thanks for filling in the holes once again, Bill! (de w0bh)

73, Bill/nu0q

K0I/m (ki0i-Mark) (34.0)

Operating "Mobile Unlimited" CW and SSB from 21 counties

Cherokee, Labette, Montgomery, Chautauqua, Elk, Greenwood, Wilson, Woodson, Coffey, Lyon, Waubunsee, Osage, Douglas, Franklin, Miami, Linn.

LIN (again), Anderson, Allen, Neosho, MGY (again), LAB (again), CHE (again), Crawford, Bourbon, LIN (again), MIA (again).

See you on the airwaves!

73, Mark/ki0i

K0T/p (kd0irw - Tanner)

Operating "Portable SSB/DIG" from 21 counties

Ellsworth/Barton/Rice, BRT (again)/Stafford/Pawnee, Edwards/Pratt/STA (again), Hodgeman/Ford/EDW (again), Ness/Rush/PAW (again).

Republic/Washington/Cloud, Clay/Ottawa/CLO (again), Lincoln/Saline/OTT (again), McPherson/Dickinson/Marion/SAL (again).

Operating portable with a 30' vertical dipole.

73, Tanner/kd0irw

W0R/m (w0so-Gary and n0yl-Stephanie) (40.0)

Operating "Mobile Multi-Op" CW, SSB and Digital from 8 counties

Jefferson, Atchison, Doniphan, Brown, Nemaha, Jackson, Pottawatomie, JAC (again).

Leavenworth, JEF (again), ATC (again), JAC (again).

If you need digital, just ask!.

73, Gary/w0so and Stephanie/n0yl

K0P/m (k0ru-Rob and n0ei-John) (37.5)

Operating "Mobile Single-Op" CW and SSB from 22 counties

Johnson, Miami, Linn, Bourbon, Crawford, Cherokee, Labette, Montgomery, Chautauqua, Cowley, Elk, Greenwood, Wilson, Neosho, Woodson.

Allen, Anderson, Coffey, Lyon, Osage, Franklin, Douglas, Johnson (again).

We're back with a new truck and a new mobile setup! Saturday-only at this point. Looking forward to the run!

73, Rob/k0ru and John/n0ei

K0ASA/p (k0thn/Charlie and k0nk/Jim)

Operating "Portable SSB/CW" from 1 county


Once a year, the Crown Amateur Radio Association sponsors a Pony Express Special Event Station at the Hollenberg Pony Express Station near Hanover KS. The Hollenberg Station is thought to be the only original Pony Express station in the nation that has been preserved and is still on its original foundation. During this one day old-west festival, K0ASA is on the air from the Hollenberg--disguised to look like and sound like an 1860s telegraph office--complete with telegraph sounders clicking away.

Come join us or see if you can work us!

73, Charlie/k0thn and Jim/k0nk

K0A/m (k5cm-Connie and n5kw-Pam) (41.0)

Operating "Mobile Multi-Op" CW and SSB from 29 counties

Cherokee/Crawford/Labette, Neosho, Allen, Woodson/Coffey/Anderson/Allen (again), Lyon/Greenwood, Butler, Sedgwick, Reno, Kingman, Pratt, Kiowa, Ford/Hodgeman/Edwards.

Grey/Meade/Ford (again), Clark, Comanche, Barber, Harper, Sumner, Cowley, Elk, Chautauqua.

A fun run through most of the far southern part of the state. Enjoy the party!

73, Connie/k5cm and Pam/n5kw

W0B/m N0Q/m (w0bh-Bob, k0why-Lorna on Sat, n0qd/n0q-Aaron on Sun) (37.0)

Operating "Mobile Multi-Op" CW and SSB from 22 counties

McPherson, Marion, Chase, Lyon, Coffey, Osage, Franklin, Miami, Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Douglas, Shawnee, Osage (again), Lyon (again), Chase (again), Marion (again), McPherson (again).

Harvey, Reno, Rice, Ellsworth, Saline, Ottawa, Dickinson, Geary, Morris, Marion (again), McPherson (again).

We planned a route to deliver KSQP TShirts to as many Kansas ops as possible during the weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone in action!

N0A/m (ad0dx - Ron) (35.0)

Operating "Mobile Single-Op" CW and SSB from 9 counties

Saturday (last 3 hours)
Wallace, Greeley, Hamilton.

Kearny, Finney, Scott, Logan, Thomas, Sherman.

I'll be operating in far western Kansas and starting late, operating perhaps the last 3 hours on Saturday, then all six hours on Sunday.

73, Ron/ad0dx and xyl Kathy (driver)